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Yaya technology was founded in 1986, early to assemble PC, network configuration provides software park service supply manufacturers. Several years after the transformation in the application of PC to do all kinds of automation equipment. Doing a density test and classification such as scanning refractory brick exterior, supply NTU orthopedic Jiang Qingquan, knee joint 3D scanning detection system and Huaxia glass company glass bottles and other 3D scanning shape modification system, accumulated many optical, mechanical and electrical integrated software system experience.
80 Taiwan P.C.B industry booming, but the detection of the device is still dependent on foreign equipment, we have the original system integration to do the basis, in 95 years of investment in P.C.B testing related equipment R & D and manufacturing. Measurement machine mainly for R & D and manufacturing PCB related test equipment, 12 years has been developed. The circuit board hole inspection machine plate 2. Warped inspection machine 3. High speed cast machine 4.X-RAY inspection machine. Negative testing 2D machine 6.X-RAY Volume 7. Holes analysis machine. Micro blind hole inspection machine. Blind hole wall quality inspection machine. Fill hole depth inspection machine, such as a variety of products. The earliest development HC-1200 inspection hole machine has become P.C.B industry essential product inspection and process control equipment, with a market share of more than 90%.


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